Very concise book review of the book “Before you startup” (5 minutes reviews of Indian startup books- a series)

Book title: Before You Start Up: How to Prepare to Make Your Startup Dream a Reality

Written by: Pankaj Goyal

The Gut Punch (USP of this book):

You are dreaming of starting up, scaling up, success, millions of $ and marrying that dream girl after you’re successful, rich and settled, then mummy comes and splashes you with cold water, you wake up to the reality but at the same time you’re better prepared than you were before you slept last night.

Key concepts covered:

Start-up failures (big time/USP), Business idea generation and evaluation, choosing co-founder and your spousal relationship, exit from startup and what to look beyond 12 months

Read this book if….

We all have that senior who has aced the exam and knows the tricks, you consult him before exams, he scares you as hell but gives you pointers the day before the exams, you go give the exam and keep thinking yes usne yeh bola tha mje during the exam! You get scared but come out better prepared!

Objective assessment of the book:

· Value for money: 10/10

What the readers are saying about this book?

Amazon (1443 reviews)- 4.3 stars out of 5

Most common themes in these reviews:

  1. Reality of starting up and Difficulties of entrepreneurship

10 Takeaway msgs/ concepts/areas of focus/Learning points from this book-

1- Starting up is never easy (you will know this in your bones in first half of the book!)

In the author’s words (quotes from the book that capture spirit of this book):

1- “I want to start up. I have an idea. How should I go about it?” And each time my answer has been, “Are you sure? Do you even know what it means? How are you preparing for it?”

The bottom-line:

How to get the best out of this book: “Before you startup”

It’s a very readable, hard hitting book. You can finish even in one go (4 to 6 hours) or over a weekend. Be tough, brave and consider this book and questions it asks as the audit of your startup dreams and read again and again, across various stages of your startup journey! If you’re a total novice to Indian context of startups or startups as a whole, this book is an excellent starting point, your very first book on the subject!

Very important: a request from heart

I really want to know your kind opinion about this review: did you find the review useful? Was it worth your time? Did it add value? Did this review make you want to read the book? What would you have done better to make this review better?



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