Very concise review of the book Lets build a company (7 minutes reviews of Indian startup books- a series)

  • Authors: Harpreet Grover and Vibhore Goyal
  • Pages: 256 (paperback), Printed in Oct 2019
  • Languages: English

“Hard things about hard things but for Indian startups”

Objective assessment of the book:

  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Cost: 150 to 200 INR (PB), available on Kindle (79 INR)
  • Length: 256 pages (PB)
  • Time investment: Low ( can read in a single day/weekend easily 4 to 6 hours)
  • Focus area in startup context: End-to end, practical, based on real life
  • Readability: High (10/10)
  • Talks of real life experiences? : Yes (10/10)
  • Teaches concept (s) in detailed with focus? : No, focus is on day to day startup life and end to end journey of the company
  • Writing/ narration style: Very easy to read and understand, honest, personal
  • Would you want to read again and again?- Absolutely
  • Practical in Indian context: Very relevant for Indian startups
  • Concept heavy vs based on practical experiences/advises: Practical advises with introduction to concepts
  • USP: chapters on company culture and people management
  • Prior startup specific knowledge required?- No (anyone can read, everyone should read)
  • Recommended for: Anyone who is interested in Indian start-ups
  • Curing the smartness syndrome (hiring smart people and solving exotic complex problems as opposed to simple problems generating sustained revenue)
  • How co-founder dynamics is analogous to marriage ( clear division of labor, ask/take opinion/ hear the other person but final decision to one spouse/co-founder, uphold dignity in front of a third person, never disagree in front of others, how families compound marriage/startups, unable to speak mind leads to divorce/startup-failure)
  • The difference between startup and corporate work and work cultures
  • The review system and growth plan they discuss in the book
  • The seven values with rationale behind all of them
  • The nine points of leadership code
  • Role of families in startups (spouse and parents, how they can make or break startups)
  • The USP of this book were chapters related to hiring/ managing and firing people and The WHY and the HOW of company/work culture ( Common values à Consistent behavior à Company culture) and employee engagement which are best explained in the book in a very actionable way and implementable both in startups and corporate teams
  • The hard times and day to day difficulties of running startup operations, existential crises and comeback
  • Dealing with VC and other investors
  • The exit- selling of the company and intricacies thereof
  • Hard things about hard things but for Indian startups
  • I felt like I am talking to the founder himself.
  • Beautifully written, honestly accounted.
  • The soul of the book lies in the approachable tone and and irrefutably good take aways.
  • The candor is surprising! There is a lot of insider information that people rarely get to know.
  • A great story book and manual at the same time
  • Authentic to its journey
  • The chapter around the relationship with his wife really stuck with me.
  • Information about US startups is so overpowering that it gives Indian entrepreneurs “valley-sightedness“ but this book is on Indian startup specifics



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Aditi Sheth

Aditi Sheth

MBBS, Aggregate reports manager based in Bangalore, India, Decent and ambitious, curious reader